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In-home nursing care for individuals with Alzheimer’s and Dementia is often the best choice for families who want to keep their loved ones close. Caring for a loved one with dementia can be exceptionally difficult and stressful. It takes an emotional toll, and sometimes a physical toll, on the caregiver. An in-home nurse referral, even just part-time, can help alleviate this stress while also providing the medical care that the individual needs. Click here to learn more. 

Whether you’re having elective surgery or a medically necessary procedure, you should plan ahead for your recovery. Often times, you will be restricted in what you can or can’t do. Rather than risk injury by relying on self-care or be concerned about asking friends and family to take time off from work to assist you, an in-home nurse is a simple option for your short-term or long-term needs. Click here to learn more.

Whether you’re a caregiver who needs time to get to your own daily routine, a concerned family member who wants to keep your loved one close to home, or an individual who wants to live independently outside of a nursing home setting, our companion care coordination service may be the easiest and most affordable solution. Click to learn more about our companion services. 

Supporting your loved ones as they age can be emotional and stressful. You want the best care possible for them, but the right choice is not always clear. For many families, in-home senior care is a preferred option. Rather than moving the individual to an unfamiliar setting, or one that feels too clinical, in-home care providers can come to your house instead. Click to learn more about in-home senior care.

The decision to hire an in-home nanny or child caretaker is not one to be taken lightly. As parents you want the best for your child and when you can’t be there, you want the person taking care of them to be someone you can trust to put your child’s well being first. CNAs and HHAs have many hours of specialized training so you can rest assured that your child will not only be well taken care of, but will be accompanied by a healthcare professional. Click here to learn more about our nanny care services.

Medical Professional Referrals

When you or a loved one needs support from a medical professional due to aging, dementia, post-surgery or another circumstance, you want the very best care available. While there are advantages to medical facilities, nursing homes and retirement facilities, they aren’t always the best option. Whether you are a caregiver who can no longer provide 24/7 care or a concerned family member who prefers for their loved ones to stay at home rather than go to an unfamiliar facility, we offer a variety of Registered Nurse referral services from 2 to 24 hours. Click here to learn more.

A little extra care and attention is sometimes all we need to live life more comfortably. At 24/7 Nursing Care we focus on the wellbeing of each individual by providing him or her with nursing and companion coordination services that are tailored to their needs. Our in-home Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) coordination services are skilled nurses who care for people under the direct supervision of doctors or Registered Nurses (RNs). They provide basic care for people who are ill, injured, convalescent or disabled. Click here to learn more about our LPN services.

Watching your loved ones age can be extremely difficult and stressful. Many people struggle with deciding what’s best for their family members. Choosing among a nursing home, an independent living facility, or in-home caregivers is a decision that’s not always so easy to make. A Home Health Aide (HHA) service is certainly worth considering because it allows your loved one to stay home in a familiar environment and it’s often more affordable than many people realize. Learn more.

Sometimes we all need a little extra help with our day-to-day life. Whether due to aging, physical ailments, or both, everyone needs assistance with even the most basic of tasks now and then.And since there’s no place like home, in-home caretakers such as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) can be invaluable in ensuring that you or a loved one is both comfortable and well taken care of. Click here to learn more about our CNA services.

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Mental illness affects millions of people in the United States each year. While some individuals experience disorders and still live an average day-to-day life, certain illnesses make it difficult, if not impossible, to lead a normal lifestyle. In more serious circumstances, the individual may need short-term or long-term hospitalization or be recommended to stay in mental health facility. However, in-home psychiatric health care may also be an option. Learn more.

Welcome to 24|7 Nursing Care

Our mission at 24/7 Nursing Care is to offer high-quality nursing and companion referral services. We provide exceptional home care referral services to the residents of South Florida. Feel free to seek our help when you or your loved one needs dependable home nursing care referral services. Our team of skilled staffing coordinators will strive to deliver compassionate care every time. Let our team help you in your time of need.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that there are several Home Health Agencies and Homecare Companies to choose from, however, we differentiate ourselves by providing excellent nursing and companion referral services to our clients. It is our belief that the medical and emotional aspects of home care should go together.

What Sets us apart?

When you need home care assistance for your loved one, you only want the best. We only refer home care providers who are experienced, dedicated and committed to doing their job. In fact, it is through the efforts of our staffing coordinators and their years of experience, that make 24/7 Nursing Care a leading choice for home care referrals.

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Rates vary depending on each caregiver and the clients needs. 24/7 Nursing Care will send someone to the clients home to conduct an interview and try to match the client with the appropriate caregiver

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