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4 Online Scams to Be Aware of this Holiday

This year, the holidays are looking very different compared to previous years. Rather than spending time with our loved ones or shopping in stores, now we will be staying safe while in the comfort of our homes and computers. Unfortunately, because so many will be online shopping for gifts, this means that cyber scammers will be on the hunt to steal personal information. This year, we want you and your loved ones to stay safe online by being aware of the top 4 online scams that will be occurring this season.

4 Online Scams to Be Aware of this Holiday

  1. Phishing scams. – Phishing scams often occur through an email or text message that will include a link. This link will lead you to a fraudulent site that will ask you for personal information such as your name, address, and credit card information. In a survey by McAfee, in 2019 approximately 41% of Americans were trapped by this email phishing scheme. We recommend avoiding opening any emails or text messages that are not in your contacts to avoid falling victim to this scam. online scams
  2. Credit card skimming. – When you swipe your credit or debit card in a public ATM, there is always a fear that someone may be trying to steal your information. Now, cyber scammers have been using code to hack online forms of payment to steal your credit card information. Instead of saving your credit card information on retail sites, use a third-party payment method such as Google Pay or PayPal and turn on purchase alerts via your personal banking application or website.
  3. Fake websites. – In previous years, online scammers have been creating websites that seem similar to popular website retailers such as Amazon or eBay. As time has passed and technology becomes more advanced, scammers have become better at recreating websites to look almost identical to others. If you come across a website that offers sales that seem too good to be true or a website such as ‘Amazon.org’ which may seem like Amazon’s main page, be sure to check the website and contact information thoroughly to ensure you stay protected.
  4. Charity scams. – One of the many ways we might want to give back this holiday is through donations. Unfortunately, the same way that scammers create fake websites identical to online retailers, these scammers create false charity websites and even hire fake telemarketers to take your donations and even keep your credit or debit card information as well. Instead of donating right away, research the charity you’d like to donate to and look up their direct link to donate via Google.

This holiday season talk to your loved ones about these online scams, so they stay protected. It may be difficult to help your loved ones from miles away, especially this year, but you can help them by finding them an in-home companion or caregiver that will be there for them to help with household tasks and even holiday tasks! At 24/7 Nursing Care, we offer a variety of in-home referral services that cater to your loved one’s every need. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, reach us at 786-518-3622 in Miami or 954-949-1332 in Broward.



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