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5 Benefits of Companion Care for Seniors


Not all seniors have to deal with chronic cognitive diseases or are concerned with potential in-home accidents. Sometimes a senior individual would just appreciate having someone else in the house with them. They’re relatively independent, however might be lonely empty nesters. Companion care offers emotional support and a friend to seniors who don’t necessarily require medical services. The possibilities are really endless as to what a companion caregiver can offer, but we’d like to shed light on some of the benefits of companion care for seniors.

  1. Companions Offer Seniors Someone to Talk to

As much as we love to be there for our friends and loved ones, we can’t always be. Many children of senior individuals either live far from home or have busy daily lives that prevent them from interacting on a consistent basis. Having a companion offers seniors, that would otherwise be alone for most of the day, a buddy to talk to or even play games with.

  1. Companions Can Be Part of Assisted Living

Even though companion caregivers are primarily for those individuals living at home, they can be available to those in Nursing Homes. Other titles they go by is personal care assistants and homemaker services.

  1. Companion Caregivers Can Help with Daily Tasks

Though the individual might be used to, and quite capable of, completing daily tasks on their own there’s never anything wrong with a little assistance. Easy chores like taking out the garbage, or washing the dishes, or fixing lunch, can effortlessly be taken care of by a companion.

  1. Ease of Transportation

Everyone needs to make the occasional trip to the grocery store, or may appreciate going into town. Those who are involved with companion care for the elderly are available to help transport them where they need to be. Even if you’re a good driver at an older age, driving on the road can be stressful. Every once in a while, it is nice not to have to worry about it.

  1. Improvement of Overall Health

Even for those of us who aren’t elderly, it has been proven that having someone around positively affects your mental health. It also has an effect on your physical health. People move more when they’re together; they may take walks, or do gardening, or dance. Having a companion care provider does the same for seniors who have otherwise slowed down over the years. They have a new found vitality and zest for life just by having someone to share time with.

We know that it’s important that you know your loved one(s) is safe and well cared for. If you know someone who would benefit from in-home or companion care for seniors in South-Florida, please feel free to contact us.


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