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Age-Friendly Halloween Activities

With Halloween being right around the corner, you might be wondering how to celebrate it with your loved ones. Halloween is a very popular holiday in America, and children are not the only ones that get to have fun during this holiday. Seniors can get in on the action, too. Here are some of our favorite ´tricks´ and ´treats´:


Watching a movie is one of the most popular things to do during this spooky season. Ask your loved one if they have a favorite horror film. If they don´t have one, there are hundreds of Halloween-themed movies available, making it simple to find one they enjoy.


Crafting is a great low-impact activity for older adults. Plus! It really gets those creative juices flowing! Below are a few examples.

    • Painted pumpkins:  Jack-O-Lanterns are a traditional Halloween craft you can continue in a safer way. Ditch the knives and use paint, markers, glitter, or whatever you feel comfortable with.
    • Garlands: Another way of making Halloween decorations is garlands. You may create them using paper, illustrating the most iconic Halloween characters. Here are some examples of garlands you can make 
    • Make a mask: Whether you and your loved one are planning to wear a costume or not, making a mask is a fun activity that allows you to bond while getting creative. You will need a plain masquerade mask and craft supplies like paint, rhinestones, and feathers. The mask will also come in handy if you and an older adult are planning on receiving trick-or-treaters.
    • Card decorating: Seniors can be kept engaged by making Halloween cards for their loved ones. Their talent will shine through in this special craft and keepsake. All you need is paper and something to decorate with, such as glitter, markers, colors, or paint.  


Think of different Halloween characters, ideas, and themes and write them down. Randomly, have a person act one of them out, while another tries to guess the character. Have fun watching your loved ones mime a werewolf or a ghost, and remember to take turns.

Scary Stories

Seniors may know quite a few scary stories. Take turns sharing these creepy tales. If you don´t have any stories in mind, you can always bring out a book or look for some stories on the internet.


Staying active refers not only to the body but also to the mind. A trivia night will set the Halloween party mood. You can share some fun facts about Halloween or tell the plotline of a famous horror movie. Let your guests guess the name of the movie, or characters, and keep score of the correct answers.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, remember to keep it safe for everyone involved and have fun!

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