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Caregiver Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

This past year has taken a heavy toll on us all and many families with loved ones have either had to transition from being a family caregiver or have had to hire outside help to provide for their elders. According to the AARP, nearly half of family caregivers are reporting that their responsibilities have increased since the start of the pandemic. Even for those experienced caregivers, this pandemic has been a challenging change for all, and we can expect to continue adapting for as long as Coronavirus is around.

Caregiver Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

Among all of the worry and stress within the past year, many things have been changing and as we learned early on in this pandemic, we must prepare for anything. Here are a few lessons that caregivers have learned throughout Covid-19:

Organizing for the Unexpected

According to a survey from Genworth, caregivers are spending an additional 9 hours a week on caregiver activities within the past year. Adding workday load on yourself can not only increase your stress levels but can affect your overall mental and physical wellbeing which is critical to keep healthy when working as a caregiver. Organizing your thoughts, activities, medical needs, and preparing for any future caregiving events will reduce stress and save time when duty calls. 

Prepare Your Home

If your loved one or another family member comes to contract Covid-19, it is important to have a plan in place. Rather than waiting until someone contracts the virus to prepare, consider having a checklist and backup plan for yourself and other household members to recover or avoid the spread of the virus. Earlier this year, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has prepared a household checklist for those who need to prepare their homes for Covid-19 and additional ways to take preventative action. 

Research Alternative Medical Options pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, many hospital and doctor offices have been scheduling remote visits to avoid any possible spread of Coronavirus. However, if your loved one has previous medical conditions that require in-office visits, caregivers must perform extensive research to avoid any possible surprises or complications on the day of the appointment or when seeking treatment. Keep a log of your loved ones’ doctors and office numbers with notes on their latest Covid-19 procedures. 

Take Time Apart

As previously mentioned, taking time for yourself as a caregiver is beneficial to your overall health. If you are a family caregiver, ask another family member if they can care for your loved one for an hour or two for you to be able to step out of the house and run errands or for a breath of fresh air without having to worry about responsibilities. As a hired caregiver, it is important to schedule time off to focus on your mental and physical state. For more tips on how to reduce stress levels and stay healthy as a caregiver, read our previous caregiver blog

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