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4 Ways to Combat Allergies this Spring

With Spring bringing nice weather and fresh flowers, many will be affected as pollen begins to fill the air and seasonal allergies take their toll. Elderly with conditions such as cardiovascular disease or asthma are at serious risk when exposed to allergens during the spring and fall seasons. As a caregiver, it is important to help seniors combat allergies this spring and navigate them through the allergy season.

4 Ways to Combat Allergies this Spring 

If you know that your senior is struggling with allergies this spring, keeping them safe and comfortable when going outdoors means developing a routine to combat allergies. Here are 4 ways to combat those allergies this spring:

  1. Watch for the signs. – It is important to understand that allergies can develop at any stage in life. Always keep an eye on your loved one when heading outdoors and look for the signs of allergies such as: Itchy eyes
    • Sneezing
    • Runny nose
    • Watery eyescombat allergies
  2. Inform their doctor. – Dr. Christopher Randolph of the  American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology claims that it can be difficult for a physician to diagnose allergies in elderly patients. Allergy symptoms in elders can place a serious risk on those with cardiovascular or lung disease. Seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia also can face the consequences of allergies as they cannot verbalize the discomfort they feel. If you are concerned that your loved one might be struggling with allergies this spring, consult with their doctor.
  3. Allergens Inside the Home. – Although most spring allergies occur outdoors, this does not mean that our loved one is fully protected inside of the home. Turn your home into a “pollen-free” zone by:
    • Keeping doors and windows closed when possible.
    • When entering the home, remove shoes and wash your hands thoroughly to avoid bringing in outside allergens.
    • Vacuum and dust frequently.
  4. Encourage Drug-free Solutions. – In most cases, seasonal allergies are triggered by mold and pollen in the air. However, using antihistamine for seniors is strongly discouraged. Instead, consider these drug-free solutions to combat seasonal allergies:
    • Wear sunglasses outside to avoid sun exposure.
    • If allergens flare-up, take your loved one inside.
    • Monitor pollen counts and avoid outdoor activities if the pollen count is high.

Helping seniors stay safe when struggling with allergies can be difficult if you live far away or do not have the time to look after them 24/7. When you need an extra set of hands to help keep your loved one safe, consider calling 24/7 Nursing Care. We offer around-the-clock care through our in-home referral services which are tailored to meet all of your loved one’s needs. For a free in-home consultation, call us today! Miami-Dade County (786) 518-3622 or Broward county (954) 949-1332.