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Holiday Gift Ideas for Dementia Patients

Retro Gifts for Christmas

While shopping for our loved ones, especially during the holiday season, heartfelt thought is put into each present we give. When it comes to shopping for someone who has dementia, we take their needs into special consideration, particularly when it comes to helping them get the assistance they need throughout the entire year. But, what type of gifts would be most helpful to them? We understand how important it is that your family and friends get the very best, which is why we’ve compiled some holiday gift ideas if you’re shopping for someone with dementia.

Gifts for Different Stages of Dementia

If the individual is in the earlier stages of dementia, gifts that will help them stay organized are a terrific option. In addition, items that will help with important reminders such as reminder watch would be both helpful and thoughtful. Another great choice is gifts that maintain engagement such as brain training games.

Everyday items, such as clothes, can help those in the later stages, as well as gifts that stimulate senses, familiar music, movies, and pictures.

Some examples are:

  • Reminder pads for the refrigerator
  • Sticky-notes
  • Labeled bins and baskets
  • Drawer organizers
  • Dated material with friendly and familiar faces as the pictures of a calendar or planner
  • Devices for important timed reminders, such as, taking medicine
  • Automatic night lights
  • Familiar music, books, and movies
  • Items that emit pleasurable scents
  • Blanket throws that are soft and cuddly
  • Clothing items that are easy to put on, easy to remove, are comfortable, and clean easily
  • Family pictures with the names of family members’

Another gift idea is getting useful services for your loved one such as lawn care, house cleaning, and seasonal related services.

Family Time can be Just the Gift They Need

Quality time with your family members that have dementia may be just the gift they need. Sitting around the television watching old family videos and movies might help your loved ones remember and reminisce about fond memories. Plus, when you’re watching it together if they do not know who someone is, you can gently remind them of the event and family members. Who knows, maybe it just might spark a history journey and new family stories you have not heard.

Spend Some Time Enjoying South Florida

Living in South Florida, we are luckily surrounded by beautiful nature to help stimulate our senses. A nice walk along the beach or pier, smelling the salty air and ocean or enjoying the scenic views or our historical areas like Coral Gables can add pleasure to our loved ones’ senses, which is important for them.

For your loved ones that need a little more care during the holidays and year round, consider hiring an at-home nurse with 24/7 Nursing Care. A caregiver or nurse will be able to assist with your family member’s continuous care of medication, doctor appointments, errands, personal hygiene, and their everyday activities while you can remain focused on your holiday planning. Give us a call to a free at-home consultation to learn more, (786) 497-7068.


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