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How to take care of your special loved one this Halloween

Halloween can be a little complicated and stressful for seniors, especially for those who suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. It is a celebration with many sounds, many children, many animations, and most of all, many scares. It’s important to consider how Halloween can affect your loved one.

Many adults can get anxious by seeing a lot of people and hearing multiple knocks on their doors. It must be considered that some of these seniors have mobility problems or are simply slower at doing some tasks. Many may be afraid of what will happen if they take a long time to open the door or if they do not go out to deliver candies. Many times, people do not know that there is an older adult in there who suffers from all these things that limit their abilities.

We think of some ways to prevent your loved ones from having a bad time at this celebration and how everything can be a little more enjoyable for them.


  1.   Put a sign at the entrance

Let your neighbors know that there is an older adult in the house. Especially for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, this celebration can be hard. Keep in mind that the sign must be visible and friendly so that everyone can see it and understand it clearly. Make sure that no one is going to disturb them on this day so that they can continue with their routine at home and be free from any mortification.

  1.   Leave candy outside the door for the kids

If your loved one wants to participate in this celebration and not leave the children without their candies, this can be a great solution. To prevent your loved one from having to get up many times and walk many times to the door, you can help him by leaving some containers with sweets outside his house, so that people can grab them from there and so they know not to knock and have more respect with the person who lives inside the house.

  1.   Take care of their health

We know that Halloween is a celebration in which foods with high levels of sugar are consumed. You must take care of your loved one’s diet so that this will not affect their health and they can enjoy the celebration without any discomfort.

  1.   Ask for help

If your loved one enjoys this celebration a lot and you also want to spend part of the day with your children or you are busy with other things, a nursing care service could make all this much easier, not only on a celebration like this one but also every day. Nurses can help you with all these activities while taking care of your loved one’s health. This way, your loved one can feel part of the celebration and enjoy it at the same time. They can enjoy a lot of activities together to not let the day go by. They can cook pumpkin pie, make traditional candies, watch a movie, or do any other activity.

Need some extra assistance this autumn season? Let 24/7 Nursing Care help. We refer to excellent nursing and companion services for our clients. We believe that the medical and emotional aspects of home care should go together, which is why we refer caregivers that excel in their job and in empathizing with patients. There’s no point in focusing on the medical side of things while ignoring what most people need—tender loving care.

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