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At Home Activities for those Living with Dementia

Everyday people are trying new activities to increase their memory skills and reduce the risk of developing a form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s. These activities include brain teasers, exercising, meditating, eating healthier, and many more. However, those who are already suffering from dementia might not be as easily engaged with certain activities. This decline in activities for those with dementia can lead to feeling lonely and helpless. Because of the current climate we are facing, outdoor activities might be limited. Instead, try some at home activities for those living with dementia catered to their hobbies and interests. 

At Home Activities for those Living with Dementia

With at least 5 million people currently living with age-related dementias and many family members acting as caregivers due to the on-going pandemic, it might be difficult to find at home activities that will help your loved one feel connected. 

Here are a few activities for those with dementia you can try at home:

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  • Cooking or baking. – If your loved one has a love of cooking, consider making an easy meal with them. This is a great activity to bond with family members and can have them feeling a sense of accomplishment. 
  • Listen to their favorite music. – Listening to music can trigger memories for your loved one. This is a great way to hear more about their past or join them for a dance. Music is also said to improve the mood of those suffering from dementia and boost cognitive skills.
  • Read the newspaper or their favorite book. – Depending on the different stage of dementia your loved one is at, they may or may not have difficulty reading a book or the news. Reading to your loved one can be a great way to start your day and reading the news every morning is a great way to keep you and your loved one informed on the latest global updates. 
  • Watch their favorite program or movie. – This is an easily enjoyable activity for both you and your loved one. It can spark up conversation and bring wonderful memories.
  • Go on a walk.Exercise is always critical for seniors. While it’s not recommended for seniors to go out without protective gear due to COVID-19, a walk around the neighborhood for some fresh air is always a great way to spend the afternoon. Be sure to bring a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated and prevent such issues such as heat stroke.
  • Partake in arts and crafts. – Drawing, painting, puzzles, or board games can be a relaxing activity for family members to partake in. However, this can also cause your loved one with dementia to get frustrated. It is important to be patient and encouraging in these times through words of motivation and taking a break if things become too difficult to handle.

It is important for family members or caregivers to be aware of their loved one’s limits. We understand that the different stages of dementia can take a certain toll on your loved one’s abilities. To help them maintain engaged and fulfilled, here are some key factors to look into when choosing the right activity: 

  • Abilities and skills. – This can be a very broad aspect to look for but if you feel that your loved one has trouble looking after themselves or are having trouble with simple tasks, an activity such as watching a movie or reading might be suitable.
  • Interests. – Always take into consideration their interests. For example, if they used to enjoy gardening but can no longer handle the physical restraint that comes with it, perhaps a nature walk would be enjoyable for them or doing an arts and crafts project such as a nature puzzle or even creating a simple indoor garden. 
  • Physical limitations. – Pay attention to your loved one’s energy levels and any new changes in hearing, vision, or physical movements. These changes will limit your activities or modify activities that are still enjoyable. If you notice a change in your loved one’s cognitive behavior such as frustration, anger, tiredness, or agitation, take a break. 

Our goal at 24/7 Nursing Care is to always keep your loved one social and connected. If your loved one is currently suffering with dementia and you are no longer able to look after them, please consider letting us into your home. We provide various services catered to your needs. When you can’t be left alone, invite us into your home. We offer free consultations. Call (786) 518-3622 for Miami-Dade County or (954 )949-1332 for Broward County.