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Make Thanksgiving An Unforgettable Celebration For Your Loved One

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. For many families, this celebration is their favorite one since everyone comes together to give thanks with a delicious dinner for everything that surrounds them, especially their family. We all love all the traditions that accompany this festivity since it fills our hearts with gratitude for everything we have in our lives.

Planning this celebration is also a moment of unity and coexistence for the family. But in many cases, not everyone enjoys it as much as they would like to. For some family members, it can be more difficult than for others, especially if you are a caregiver for a senior family member or if your loved one has a disease such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, or a similar ailment. You may need to adapt your needs to the needs of your loved one so that they can have the best Thanksgiving just like the rest of the family.

Here are some suggestions for you and your loved one to make the most of this holiday in the best ways.


Don’t Make Them Feel Alone

Many times, these dates are difficult or sad for older adults because they recall relatives or loved ones who are no longer with them, or simply because they can no longer assist in the same way with the day-to-day tasks of this celebration.

Although sometimes it can be difficult for the whole family to be together, do not forget your loved ones on these dates. If a family member lives away, make sure your loved one receives a call, a video, or something that makes them feel the family member is present.

Special Meals

We know that the food for this celebration can be heavy or high in sugar for older adults, and this can harm their health. Think of them when you are cooking, and make a dish that they can happily enjoy surrounded by their family.

Make Them Feel Part Of The Celebration

Make them feel important this celebration (and every day). Take their opinions into account in the menu, decoration, and planning. You can include them in simple activities such as helping to decorate the house, saying words of thanks before dinner, setting the table, or going to buy the food or ingredients that are needed.

They will feel that they can continue contributing to the celebration, and they will be happy to be able to do something. Also, these small activities can stimulate their physical movement (with limitations if required), which is good for their health.

Play Dinner Games

Play a game like bingo, card games, riddles, or puzzles. It will always make coexistence stronger in the family; there will be laughter, talks, and many other factors that will make you and your family have an incredible time. This can also be somehow relaxing for caregivers; relaxing and enjoying a good game will certainly allow you to rest and have a good time.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to give thanks for everything we have, and what better way to do it than to give thanks and spend time with that person who makes you happy every day for as long as you can remember. Make your loved one have nice memories with the whole family, and make them feel heart full. 


Remember that if you need any kind of help with your loved one on these special occasions, at 24/7 Nursing Care we refer companions who can provide services with tender loving care.  We know making the choice for how to best support your aging loved ones can be difficult, so let us help you. 

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