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Six Top Blogs For Seniors By Seniors

With isolation growing more common amongst seniors today, it may come as no surprise that most seniors spend at least six hours a day online and own more than an average of five digital devices, according to Think With Google

How are seniors spending their time online? Research by Google and Ipsos suggests most of our older population is using search engines and social networking sites daily. Social media may fill a gap many seniors feel is missing from their daily lives. 

With this in mind, could reading blogs written by their peers allow seniors to feel a greater sense of belonging? A blog written by someone from their own generation, going through the same nuances of aging, would be like discussing a topic with a friend who truly understands because they’ve been there. Some blogging communities, like The Elder Chicks, even allow community members to contribute their own stories. Blogs like this allow for two-way communication, so members can feel heard, supported, and understood. 

Let’s take a look at the most popular blogs by seniors for seniors. 

The ElderChicks

Run by Dr. Thelma Reese and Dr. Barbara Fleisher, The ElderChicks is a blogging community that helps its members navigate the golden years in an easy and fun way. Their audience, experts, and contributors are primarily women, who share and learn from each other. As it says on their site “all ideas are good ideas”. 


Grey Fox

Put those slippers and plaid pajama bottoms away! The Grey Fox is the destination for menswear, style, fashion, and lifestyle for (mainly) men over forty. Because no one ever said we have to get old and frumpy. David Evans, also known as, “Grey Fox” is a writer and influencer living in London, England with a current penchant for cotton pique shirts. 

Fab Over Fifty

Former editor and publisher Geri now runs “Fab Over Fifty” for women of a certain age to share recommendations and experiences about everything from “crepey skin” to sex over seventy. It’s a robust website with frank practical advice to help women better navigate those later years. 

The Senior Nomads

For seniors looking to quench their wanderlust, there’s bloggers Debbie and Michael Campbell – The Senior Nomads. Originally from Seattle, Washington, these seniors saw retirement as the perfect opportunity to sell everything (except what could fit in a small storage unit) and strikeout to see the world. Since then, this travel duo has visited 270 AirBnbs and over 85 countries, documenting all their adventures on their blog to inspire other seniors to hit the road!


Looking for an unconventional blog with a feminist slant? Then, look no further than “Women’s Older Wisdom,” or WOWBlog. The perfect introduction to what readers will find in this blog is written right in the introductory post by founder, writer, and life-long feminist Pat Taub, “I want to fill a gap in the blogosphere for blogs addressed to women past 60, bucking the current trend where blogs for older women consist largely of fashion and beauty tips as if successful aging depended on looking young!”

Grandma’s Briefs

If the title of the blog doesn’t reel someone in, the adorable grandkid pictures will. Blogger Lisa Carpenter started the site over a decade ago to document her foray into grandmotherhood. It now features “brief” advice posts on being a grandparent along with recipes, interviews with other real-life grandmothers, and humorous and easily accessible writings. 

Combat Loneliness, Call Us

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